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This is an example of a standard post format. Inspiration is a spark. A flash of light. Ignition. But without the proper mixture of oxygen and fuel, inspiration both lives and dies in the same instant. My life, my experiences, my research; these things are fertile soil for the great blog posts hidden within me. […]

We fundamentally believe that our customers are more interested in a simple, attractive, and functional WordPress theme than they are having 12 color schemes to choose from, and a fancy slider with 8 transition effects.

If you pick out a WordPress theme like you pick out drapes, you’re doing something wrong.


Are we still meeting for breakfast this morning?


Where is the rest of the team? I’ve been here since 3:00am.


Umm… We actually sleep. Go back to bed, dude.




Fine. But if I show up, I am not wearing pants.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about spandex today.