Cakifo 1.5

Cakifo 1.5

Version 1.5 has just been released. If you’ve already installed the theme you should get a update notification in your dashboard. Otherwise, use the information below.

You can read the full release post on my blog. The biggest changes in 1.5 are the design improvements, better post format support, and Hybrid Core version 1.5.

Download now… or search for ‘Cakifo’ in Appearance > Install Themes

Changes in Cakifo 1.5

  • Hybrid Core 1.5
  • Updated design
  • Improved support for post formats
  • Secondary navigation
  • Changed from px to rem for font sizes
  • New heading font (PT Serif)
  • Theme Customizer: Added global layout and theme settings
  • Improved responsive design (will be even better in the next version)
  • Code improvements
  • Bug fixes

Full changelog:…v1.5

After updating Cakifo

The image sizes for the custom front page and the slider has changed. I recommend using a plugin like Regenerate Thumbnails to update your already uploaded images to fit the new sizes.

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12 Responses

  1. HI,
    First thanks a lot for your great theme.
    I justy have one minor but quite important remark: can you please use “get_template_part()” funtion instead of “require_once()” or “require()” everywhere ?
    It’s just to be more “wordpress rules” compliant.
    ah and there is no “readme.txt”… but minor again.

    except that, everything is fine ! good indentation, no trailing spaces or else ! really good job !

  2. Oups… sorry, I just check and I see that it’s more “Hybrid” core framework that do not respect the “rules”…
    it’s sade because it’s a quite nice framework but not really optimized… but, well, it permits to have a great responsive design.. again, nice job Jesper.

  3. Hi Jesper, i realized that the paragraphy of your featured image in the slider is different from you first few sentences of your actual post and does not overflow in the featured slider.

    But mine takes the first few sentences of my post and overflows.

    Could you please provide some insights on how to go around fixing it?


  4. Hi,
    sorry to bother you with this, but it seems i got a problem with the nav menue of your theme. It just won’t show, at all…
    I’m using static page and “Noticias” for blog posts, the main menu don’t showup in neither… I tried to use normal config (show blog posts on main page) same thing, no nav menu, I looked at your site, and a blueish nav menu is visible just above the yellow horizontal line.
    What could be wrong?
    Thanks for the advice

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