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He taught me to code. To survive. [voiceover] Finding a needle in a haystack isn’t hard when every straw is computerized. I’m not the monster he wants me to be. So I’m neither man nor beast. I’m something new entirely. With my own set of rules

This is an example of code in a paragraph.

Five hours? Aw, man! Couldn’t you just get me the death penalty? That’s not soon enough! Hey, whatcha watching

function sandbox_date_classes($t, &$c, $p = '') {
	$t = $t + (get_settings('gmt_offset') * 3600);
	$c[] = $p . 'y' . gmdate('Y', $t); // Year
	$c[] = $p . 'm' . gmdate('m', $t); // Month
	$c[] = $p . 'd' . gmdate('d', $t); // Day
	$c[] = $p . 'h' . gmdate('h', $t); // Hour

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